Episode 15 - Blaine Peluso-Miller

I speak with Blaine Peluso-Miller, a zookeeper at the Abilene Zoo. He gives a different perspective than we have ever had on the show before. Blaine is a second-year zookeeper that has recently gone through the trials and tribulations of breaking into the field with a full-time paid position. We also discuss his four-part article series; Zoos and Zookeepers: The Roles of an Industry and its People which you can find here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/zoos-zookeepers-roles-industry-its-people-four-part-blaine

Episode 14 - Becky Wolf

Great Hornbill

Great Hornbill

I speak with zookeeper Becky Wolf about her journey that began in Philadelphia as an intern. She shares stories about unexpectedly becoming a bird keeper at the Dallas Zoo before moving over to carnivores and eventually to her current home in San Diego. Becky is currently involved in an awesome research project with polar bears. We also discuss what it's like to be low on the seniority list which is how things like days off and vacation time are decided.

Episode 12 - Monika Zabinskas - part 1

Hi everyone! I apologize for the long delay in this release. I had my computer take a complete dump and it took me awhile to get things up and running again. Rest assured that there will continue to be new episodes of Zookeeper Stories for your listening enjoyment.

In this episode, I speak with Monika Zabinskis, Tasmanian Devil Keeper at the Healesville Sanctuary in Australia. She tells stories about her upbringing at a wildlife rehabilitation center in the bush. She shares stories about her conservation work in Africa as well. Stick around for the final segment on Devil Facial Tumor Disease where Monika drops some serious knowledge. I enjoyed this conversation and learned so much more than I expected going in. I hope you all enjoy it and will come back for part two of her story.